Funded Programs

Mental Health

The facts

  • One in five men will experience a mental health issue this year
  • Depression affects 840,000 men every year in Canada
  • Untreated depression is a major risk factor for suicide. Currently, the mortality rate due to suicide among men is four times the rate among women

Strategic Goals

One of Movember’s strategic goals focuses on staying mentally healthy, living with and beyond mental illness, with specific aims that:
  • Men are mentally healthy and take action to remain well
  • When men experience mental illness they take action early
  • Men are not treated differently when they experience a mental illness
Our priorities are focused on prevention, early intervention and to destigmatize mental illness.
In 2012 the Movember Foundation started the Canadian Men's Health Network (CMHN) as an initiative to address critical men's health issues today and in the future. The first initiative of this network is men's mental health.
Within the network is a panel of key men's health experts from across the country that act as an advisory panel to Movember Canada. In consultation with key stakeholders from the mental health field, the panel assists in identifying gaps in Canadian men's mental health. Funds from Movember will be invested in the identified priority areas. The CMHN will begin awarding funding to mental health initiatives fall of 2013.

Why do we fund programs for mental health issues?

Mental health is one of the most critical health issues affecting men, as well as women. People with a serious mental illness have life expectancy reduced by between 15 to 25 years in comparison with the general population. Depression is now ranked as a risk factor for heart disease on par with smoking, and people with mental illness have significantly higher rates of other chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes and suicide.
Around the world, studies demonstrate that untreated mental illness and childhood behavioral problems can result in massive social and economic consequences for adults. This can include; reduced levels of employment, lower salaries when employed, personal relationship difficulties and increased contact with the justice system. Our hope is to help impact this with the programs we fund.

How are we measuring impact and success?

We benchmark the impact of each mental health program against these indicators of success:
  1. Men know what to do to remain mentally well and act on that knowledge
  2. Men understand the signs and symptoms of mental illness and take action early when they experience mental illness
  3. Access to mental health services for men improves
  4. The rate of men that self harm and commit suicide reduces
  5. The community acceptance of men experiencing a mental illness increases

Program Highlights

Movember insists on the highest level of transparency and accountability when it comes to the allocation of Mo Bro and Mo Sistas raised funds. Because of this, we’ve introduced the report cards section of our website which houses reports on every Movember program funded to date. We will begin to reward funds in the mental health space in the Fall of 2013 at which point report cards will be updated to reflect the programs. 
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