Funded Programs

The Movember community generously donate their funds, faces and time to help Movember change the face of men’s health. We know that with great moustaches comes great responsibility and we take that very seriously. Our decisions to fund programs for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges are shaped directly by our vision, values and goals. Movember has stringent and formal policies around the programs we will fund and we’re privileged to work with experts and world-class organizations that respect and adhere to these principles.




We often get asked how does the funding of programs work. Provided below is an explanation of the cycle of how funding is allocated:
  • The Movember board determines our strategic priorities.  In every country, all projects that we fund must be aligned to our strategic goals. All Movember funds are invested based on a long-term strategy that will achieve our aim of having an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. Movember has a dedicated Program Team that is responsible for ensuring that we achieve significant results for the projects we invest in.
  • Funding projects varies on a country-by-country basis, taking into account the amount of funds raised and federal regulations. Movember directly funds global initiatives (such as our Global Action Plan) and also partners with many leading national charities to design and implement projects.
  • There is an open application process for new projects, which are typically reviewed by a panel of expert peers who make recommendations on the quality of the proposals.
  • Each April, funds from the previous campaign are finalized, allowing Movember to support existing or new projects. Existing projects are typically funded over the following months, While new projects may take up to 12 months to design, implement and allocate funds.
  • To ensure the projects we fund achieve the best possible results, they are overseen by Movember's Program Team, the Movember Board, and project specific expert governance panels.
  • Movember and its Partners hold funds that are contractually committed to projects, but only paid based on agreed milestones and results, which means many projects are funded in installments over a number of years.
  • Movember publicly reports annually on every project we fund.