The Moscars

Roll out the red carpet – it’s time to announce the Moscar winners. The Moscars were a video awards extravaganza celebrating Mo Bros and Mo Sistas' creativity with a camera. The categories for the 2013 Moscars were:
Gen Mo – Showcasing Movember's 2013 theme, this could've meant highlighting growing for good times, rallying the troops or rebels with a moustache – whatever Gen Mo meant to you.
Your Movember Journey – Featuring what Movember means to you, combining the fun and the serious sides of the movement through music, comedy or drama.
2014 Public Service Announcement - Entrants created a 30 second public service announcement explaining what Movember is all about and inspiring people to register. The winners may be used for promotional purposes for Movember 2014. 
Each category was awarded a first prize and a runner-up prize:

Gen Mo
First Place: Movember 2013: Bikers
Runner Up: Movember: Here's to the Crazy Ones

Your Movember Journey
First Place: The Mo Bro's Guide to Small Talk
Runner Up: MOPO 911 Movember Police

Public Service Announcement
First Place: What Makes a Legend?
Runner Up: 2013 Moscar Public Service Announcement
Entries are now closed.